I was born to give you a smile!

Your loving dog

Let's look at the world
through your dog's eyes

Hi, I'm Polina Freeman — a professional dog trainer and behavioral specialist. I have spent the last four years helping dogs to learn good manners. I have worked with puppies on basic obedience and housetraining as well as with adult dogs who have started their training a bit later and/or have already developed some bad habits.

Besides, I've always been passionate about the science behind WHY dogs do what they do. What is going on in their minds that drives us crazy or makes us happy? That's why I wanted to explore the science behind dog behavior and ways we, humans, communicate with our dogs. How can we use our dog's natural instincts and emotional connection to us for our advantage? Now, I mostly help people to understand their dogs better and to build a strong, trustful, and respectful relationship with their beloved dogs.

Gentle guidance creates trust, clear boundaries lead to respect and love becomes the foundation of the emotional connection between humans and their dogs.

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